I really can say I've learned so much being in your presence. To start, I can say I gained so much confidence in myself to help people on my team, and I learn so much about digital marketing. I'm still learning, but I'm so happy I was able to learn as much as I could from all of you guys. It was a pleasure and an honor. Thank you so much!

Vickie D.

I have attended 4 of Stanecia's trainings, and will continue to do so in the future. Why? That's Simple: Stanecia Graham prides herself on bringing value to her audience, and she CONSISTENTLY OVER DELIVERS! I learned the importance of having, and KNOWING your Avatar/Tribe, in the first training I attended. One would think that hearing about the concept again would be redundant, or not add value. That was not the case. The next time Stanecia discussed this concept, she brought it home more clearly, forcing me to examine my goals more deeply, to discover exactly who I speak to. Stanecia excels at LISTENING to her attendees, making them feel heard and understood. She helps us to better formulate our own thoughts, and can repeat EXACTLY what you said, in a way that not only shows she listened, but helps to make your thoughts more coherent and receivable. She doesn't give answers, she stretches you to allow you to find your own voice. And, she is NO NONSENSE. Don't come to her trainings with excuses, come to pull the curtain back and face your challenges head on. That's the only way she knows how to be, and that's what she expects from those who want to learn from her. I value knowledge and I am always seeking new knowledge. Stanecia opens my eyes to something new EVERY TIME I attend her trainings. I look forward to what she does next!

Katherine B.

Stanecia is an amazing trainer, leader, and mentor. Because she has such a strong belief system, amazing work ethic, and deep rooted knowledge in what she teaches, it’s not hard to want to soak up everything that she knows. She is able to break things down in a way that it is very easy to grasp and then apply - which is the key to getting value out of you learn. One of the things I admire most about Stanecia is her transparency and her self-less attitude towards helping others succeed.

Paulette D.

Before I met Stanecia, I truly didn’t know what being my own boss was. I had tried many times before, but the things she has taught me and shown me, are truly life changing. If it’s possible to have a friend, sister, mentor, leader, and hero in one person, that’s Stanecia to me. Her strategies are simple, and if you utilize them in your business, it’ll be the best decision you ever make.

I’m so thankful I have her in my life, and continue to learn from her daily! 

Emily R.

After attending one of the first Internet Currency trainings held last year, I learned the power of Facebook. I learned how to leverage social media for business purposes. I learned how to slow down to speed up... How to identify my ideal client, expand my network, effectively run Facebook ads, and soooo much more! After implementing just SOME of the steps and strategies, I recruited several new partners from people I met on Facebook, and gained numerous customers as well! If you want to use social media for business, and need to know ALOT in a short period of time, this is the training for you! TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

Hannah H.

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